Best Free Browser App For Playing FLV files

Probably the best browser app on the internet to play FLV movies, and it's free!

It's the internet's best browser app because nobody else can play your flv files right in your browser.

Everybody makes you download some crazy desktop app like VLC. Do you really want to download VLC? And what if you're on the phone?

This free online tool allows you to play FLV files in your browser even if you can't play it on your desktop.

No need to download anything!

How to use FLV player

  1. Click the Open FLV file from Computer and select 1 ".flv" file you wish to play in your browser. (By the way, you can also choose any normal video file. We support many other video file types. Here is the full list: *.mp4, *.webm, *.mov, *.ogg)
  2. Boom, your video should start playing right in your browser!

How FLV player works

You may be wondering: how does FLV player work even though I don't have flash running?

Well, we have javascript running right in your browser to translate your flv movie into a normal mp4 movie. Your browser can play mp4 files natively without flash (but it needs flash to play flv files).

This means that all you need is javascript support (which, if you're running a browser...means you're probably going to have...)

Make sense? Have fun playing FLV movies right in your browser without downloading anything!

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